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Why becoming a Green Icon?

SED Foundation is working relentlessly to make an impact, a positive impact on environment that counts! You can be a game changer, an influencer, an impactful citizen by becoming one of thousands potential Green Icon(s) all over the country.

Eligibility to open a chapter of Green Icon

Any registered (as per government’s rule) educational institution can apply to open a chapter in their campus if

  • A group of at least seven members, with a consent from any teacher, is ready to take the initial responsibility
  • The chapter is not, by any means, conflicting with the rules and regulation of the institution

Because of the limited size of some programs, there is no minimum number of students required for each chapter, however, in order to maintain “active” status, a Green Icon must hold a minimum of one (1) induction ceremony and one (1) activity of significance per year which shall not be their induction ceremony. This activity may include a research study, field cooperative program, a seminar, a service to society, etc.

While there are no requirements for activities, services, or programs beyond those indicated above, chapters are limited only by their own visions and expectations. All chapter members are encouraged to establish agendas and coordinate activities beyond those suggested above.

How to apply for a Green Icon chapter?

  1. Gather a group of at least seven members.
  2. Take consent from any of the teachers.
  3. Apply
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