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Call for Content in "Green Icon Digest"

Green Icon is an iconic initiative of SED Foundation that creates an engagement among youths of Bangladesh to provide them a platform aiding the environmental scenario of Bangladesh. With chapters in almost all leading public and private universities of the country, Green Icon members arrange programs, seminars and campaigns to create awareness and green leadership. On that regard, SED Foundation, through its student platforms is announcing to publish triannual publication “Green Icon Digest”.

“Green Icon Digest” is a compact summary of environmental affairs going on all over the world where readers can enlighten themselves about everything they need to know about environment, from climate change to recent researches, by going through unambiguous and authoritative

Contents of “Green Icon Digest”. Besides, short stories, poetry, photography, graphic art, memes, research summary will be included in each issues. A brief overview of all chapters of “Green Icon” can found in the publication.

Who Can Write?

-Anyone enrolled in any educational institution (including but not limited to, School, College, University, Madrasa, Post Graduation/Doctoral phase)

 What to Write?

-Article related to environment

-Report related to environment

-Short story related to environment

-Experience related to environment

-Open letter to authority regarding environment*

-Poetry related to environment

-Graphic Art & Painting**


*Open letter must include writer’s full identification detail (Name, Full address)

**Subject to Community Standard Guidelines


Last Date to Submission: 20 July 2019


How to Submit?

Submit your manuscripts through email at greenicon@sedbd.org

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