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World Wildlife Day 2018 | Big Cats: Predator under Threat

Wildlife condition is regarded as a sumptuous indicator of a country’s ecological and environmental balance and examining the modern world, wildlife condition has an inverse relation with human development. To raise awareness and to create political pressure, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on its 68th session, proclaimed 3rd March as World Wildlife Day. Since then, WWD is regarded as the most important global annual event embodying the wildlife of the blue planet. The theme of WWD 2018 is “Big Cat: Predators under Threat”.

Big cats or predators like Tiger, Lion are the universal symbols of bravery, spirit, again are the most suffered victims of the human. These are killed for joy, for their majestic fur, their teeth and this tendency is increasing. For example, tiger population decreased 95% over last 100 years. The same fate is faced by African Lion, 60% of them decreased in last 20 years. Royal Bengal Tiger is the symbol of Bangladesh’s population, it’s majestic fur, it’s royal lifestyle stun us all, but it has to face rapid decrease indeed. According to 2015’s census, only 106 tigers live in Sunderbans and more than 50 tigers were killed by the human in last 14 years. These incidents are very unfortunate for ensuring a sustainable future by keeping a balanced wildlife.

The UN, local wildlife activists and NGOs’ as well as Strategy for Environmental Development Foundation will celebrate the day creating awareness among people to save wildlife and demanding the Governments of the world to save the world by saving its wildlife.

Author: Muhit Iatiaq Nur

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