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SED Foundation is founded to help the environment, to eliminate the grey picture of a dying world that used to haunt me, to do something impactful for the society, to make this green planet livable for our unborn child. It was a tiny endeavor initially, but we worked relentlessly to make our dreams true. That’s why, you can find SED Foundation impactful, a little entity with promising influence. SED Foundation is grateful to all of its co-dreamers, well-wishers! SED Foundation promises to change the picture of the melancholy, bedridden world to a greener, healthier and happier one. It has taken many initiatives that include cross-cultural and trans-sector stakeholders to raise awareness, educate and motivate anything that can influence saving the environment positively. SED Foundation never compensates with quality and always promotes equality, gender equity, and sustainability. Its core competence is the power of youth. SED Foundation believes that charismatic youth leadership can do better in saving the environment and therefore, SED Foundation works to create skillful young environmental leadership. I am proud to serve SED Foundation that works entirely for non-profit. The contributions SED Foundation make every day help me believe that, if next generation demands an answer, I can say confidently, I am trying the best of me to make this lovely blue planet nice.

Javed Rasin

Founder & President

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